Crescent Veterinary Hospital

14378 Dover Crescent Road
Crescent, OK 73028



Herd Health


herd of cattleWe offer herd testing for OPP in sheep and CAE in goats. We offer testing for Johne's in both species. We offer annual Brucellosis and Tuberculosis testing for show and milking animals.

Wellness exams - includes routine hoof care, annual vaccinations for Rabies, Clostridium C & D (over-eating disease), Tetanus. Includes worming and boosters for vitamin E and selenium to prevent white muscle disease.

Sick exams are available and basic treatments are available including administration of intravenous fluids, various injectable drugs and in some cases surgical intervention.

Surgery routine surgical castrations, growth removal., microchip insertion.

We offer vaccinations, routine surgery (castration, growth removal) and palpation services for cattle.  We do not generally treat pigs or captive cervids.